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PVC (Vinyl)

PVC (Patent Vinyl Cloth), sometimes known as Vinyl, is a true wonder material.  It is thin, strong, light, flexible and very shiny.  Almost any clothing that can be made of leather is also available in PVC at far less cost.  Though thinner and not as strong as leather, it shines like Patent Leather.

Sizes are to be used as a guide ONLY! Since we carry several different manufacturers, some variances will exist. If you absolutely MUST have something form fitting, stick with lycra or spandex. PVC and/or Patent Leather will stretch a bit too, but it's also likely to tear sooner or later no matter how well constructed the garment is and we've tried to bring you only the best quality manufacturers.

Better to take something in than ruin it by stretching or tearing the material!

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Punkish Mini Ruffle Skirt

PVC Punkish Mini skirt--37.00

Ladies check out our new hip huggers ultra mini, very Punkish Pink Vinyl Skirt!.
2 side zippers and sull applique on left side. [not hoops or belt loops] - 2 in stock.

Sizes: LG [Waist/Hips 34", Length 6"]


In Stock


Vinyl Straight skirt--32.99

Red Vinyl Short Mini Skirt with Lace up on both sides.

Small (W: 24" L: 14")


[#4013]--Vinyl Hipster Mini Skirt--34.99

Available in black only.
M (W:29.5"-L:12.5")
L (W:31"-L:13")

Choose Size:

Vinyl side slit skirt

[#4009]--Sexy Vinyl Hip Mini Skirt with Side Slit--29.99

Available in black only.

M (W: 28" L: 13.5")
Large (W: 30" L: 14")

Choose Size:

Vinyl Hip Mini Skirt

[#4003]--Sexy Vinyl Hip Mini Skirt--29.99

Available in black only.

S (W: 26" L: 13")

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Faux Leather Pleated Skirt

[#4085]Sexy School hipster Pleated Skirt - $39.99

Faux Black leather wrap pleated front skirt. Skirt opens on the side with buckles closure on the side. [as shown]
Sizes: Small and Large


Vinyl Simple mini skirt

[#4002]--Simple Vinyl Mini Skirt with high waist-26.99

Available in black only.

Medium [15.15" Length, Large [16" Length]

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Long vinyl & Chiffon Skirt

#4077]--"V" front Vinyl long Skirt--w/chiffon bottom.-50.99

"V" front Vinyl long Skirt w/chiffon bottom. Back Zipper. In Medium Only.


Vinyl Care

  • It is recommended that Vinyl garments be stored in a garment bag away from other clothing
  • Hand wash in warm water with a small amount of liquid detergent
  • Wash both the inside and outside of the garment, rinse thoroughly in cool water
  • Hang to dry inside out then turn to let Vinyl side dry
  • Polishing can be done with small amounts of silicone spray
  • Different colors of Vinyl should be washed and stored separately as dark colors can bleed onto lighter ones.

Rubber Simple mini skirt

Click here to buy Matching Latex Top

[#Saxenfelt21321]--Simple Latex Mid Length Skirt--$80.00

Available in Red only.

Small, Medium, Large

Group this up with a latex top and you will no doubt have achieved a risqué look. Made in Denmark from pure natural latex. All Saxenfelt products are dip molded to obtain it's seamless surgical quality. Real latex can be damaged by polishes that contain petroleum distillates (like using Vaseline)."

To obtain that sexy wet look of latex (shown on the images), You need to use some latex shine.
$80.00 + shipping & handling.

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Tulle Long Skirt

Click on image to view Black Tulle Long Skirt

Long Full Tulle Ball Skirt--$99.00

Available in black or white.
Wear with a corset for a dramatic look!
O/S only
$99.00 + shipping & handling.


Most Vinyl items are special-ordered, Please allow up to 10 business days before shipping.

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