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Bettie Page Bust

Bettie Page Mini Bust--$69.99

Bettie's enduring popularity is due to her unique ability to combine a girl-next-door innocence with the sensuality of a smoldering vixen. It's a delicate balance, but Mr. Handy has captured it. Measuring 6" tall, with a translucent lilac material strategically placed, this quality item is a "must-have" for Bettie's fans and collectors of sculptures. Numbered limited-edition- edition size not set as of press time. Packaged in deluxe color box.


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Bettie Page Statue

Bettie Page Statuette $99.99

Bettie Page Statuette

Measuring 6 inches (7" with base), this mini-statue captures the charm and sultriness of this real-life heroine in exacting, minute detail. Sexy yet tasteful, like Bettie herself, this item is a "must-have" for Bettie Page fans. -


Bettie Page Cleo Figurine

Bettie Page Cleo Figurine $24.99

Bettie Page figurine

The queen of pinups is now the Queen of the Nile, as Bettie takes her rightful place among the revered beauties of the world, dressed in stately Cleopatra garb. The first in a series of Bettie Page 7-inch tall action figures, popular sculptor Derek Handy based this reflection of Bettie on some of her more playful photos simultaneously smiling and sexy. Accompanying Her Highness is a bevy of Egyptian accessories that includes an asp, staff, dagger, and more. You should escort her to your office or home, where she can properly rule over your desk or collection! - 1 In Stock


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