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If your passion for fashion includes an obsession with getting today's contemporary handbags and accessories at a great price, Wicked Diva's chic & elegant designs offer luxurious looks for the savvy shopper.

Wicked Diva brings you a great selection of Unique and Boutique style divalicious handbags and Jewelry. Rather then selling knockoff or replica bags, we want to provide our customers with a unique shopping experience and the satisfaction of knowing they are not purchasing a "cheap" imitation.

Indulge your addiction with Wicked Diva...It's guilt-free!

Host A Wicked Diva Divalicious Purse Party Let's go Shopping

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Host a Divalicious Handbag Party

Ever wanted to do something really FUN while shopping with your friends and family? Why not have the shopping brought to your home by hosting a handbag party! You provide the refreshments, snacks and a place to set up, and we bring the handbags. It's that easy!

Celebrate a birthday, bachelorette party, graduation, or just a Girl's Night In...Schedule a Wicked Diva divalicious  Purse Party now!

We can also arrange a shopping event in your office building, conference room, lunchroom or in our Las Vegas Showroom...Ask a Divalicious Consultant.


Earn Free Merchandise

Earn Half Priced Items

Enjoy Hostess Rewards

Don't wait, contact a Divalicious Consultant now to schedule a date for her to bring her Little Shop of "Fantasies" full of handbags and accessories into your home to share with your guests.  

Gifts For Hosting a Party?


  • Any Divalicious bag at 40% off retail price.--
    --up to $75.00

  • If you have a $500 + party,
    --you will receive a free bag up to $75.00!.

See Our Full Hostess Reward Program


It's a Vegas Thing!

A Wicked Diva Party.  The hottest party you'll ever have!

Celebrity Inspired Trends!!- Handbags, Sunglasses, Accessories and Jewelry!!!

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